Cloud Cred Reboot – New Team

About 5-6 years ago (IIRC), a fantastic community forum named “Cloud Credibility” kicked off.  One of the cool parts of it involved how it helped folks navigate VMworld. It was also a great way to get connected to VMware and industry product news, meet new community members, and win prizes! The folks at Cloud Cred (especially Noelle Grier) have been fantastic, including helping publicize my Blogtober: Tech Edition initiative last October.  Even though the novelty of Cloud Cred isn’t what it used to be, there are a lot of great activities there, and it is an excellent way to get introduced to the virtualization community at large.  More information is at

Several years ago, a few of us took a team called the “Sleeping Cloud” into the top 10 Cloud Cred teams in the world. To this day, one of my founding teammates, Nigel Hickey (one of my favorite community members and friends) and I still get together at events despite the fact he is in Houston and I am in Wisconsin. Our team has been dormant for quite a while and is now ranked #18.  It’s time for a change.

Well, the “Sleeping Cloud” team has run it’s course, and it is time to help out a new team. My Minneapolis VMUG co-Leader Mike Gelhar decided to start a team for our VMUG – “Team MPLSVMUG” a.k.a. “The Frozen Chosen!”  Mike and another one of my co-leaders Josh Allen have been pulling the team up the rankings.  We are going to try and get the local virtualization community engaged with our team to help build camaraderie for our local!

If anyone in the Minnesota VMUG community is interested, feel free to join us!


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