Blogtober Results – What it means for us all

A wise man once said, “If you build it, he will come.”  OK, maybe it wasn’t a “wise man”, it was a mysterious voice from the sky in the movie “Field of Dreams”.  I would like to think, “If you make it, they will come” is a more fitting description of what happened in Blogtober: Tech Edition 2017.  The campaign (borne from a Twitter conversation) was about as successful as I could have dreamed.

As I have said in the past, #Blogtober is not my idea.  If you look up the #Blogtober hashtag on Twitter, you will see that it pre-dates this effort.  What we have done with #Blogtober is nothing less than a fantastic showing from the community that I know, love, and one I am proud to be a part of.

Now, for the good stuff!

Blogtober by the numbers:

  • Total posts by Blogtober bloggers: 340
  • Total posts by those bloggers in September, perhaps the most prolific blogging month of the year: 206
  • Blogtober Bloggers completing the challenge of 5 posts in October: 41
  • How many countries were represented by Blogtober bloggers? 12
  • How many continents were represented by Blogtober bloggers? 5

Awesome job!  To give you an idea how a campaign like this can impact a blogger’s visibility and traffic, I wanted to show you how it affected my blog, (which by the way is a redirect to

Blog posts with over 50 views during October 2017: 28
As a comparison…
Blog posts with over 50 views during October 2016: 10

OK, enough about me.  Let’s talk about you!  First of all, I would like to address all 79 participants in Blogtober: Tech Edition.  Congratulations!  If you didn’t know, you are now valued members of the tech / virtualization community.  The content you have published will help more people than you know.

Those of you who are new to blogging, here is what I recommend.  Keep it up!  This is just the beginning.  Taking your status in the community to the next level is there if you want it.  Even if you didn’t participate in Blogtober, the community will always value your contributions. Jump on board!  For those of you who have a blog, here are some options:

  • Keep blogging.  Submit your blog to the vLaunchPad for increased visibility.  At the top of the site, you can fill out the “suggest a link” form to submit your blog.  Based on this site, nominees for the top vBlogs will be decided upon.  Here are the results from 2017 for more information on how this is calculated.  One thing to know is that a minimum of 10 posts during the previous calendar year were required in 2016 to be eligible for the rankings.  Rumor has it that number will be increased to 12 for 2017.  After a 5-post October, you are almost halfway there!
  • Take your blog content and share it with the community in other ways.  VMUG is always looking for more community presenters.  Last year, our VMUG UserCon had a ton of great community content.  Being a VMUG Leader, I know that the highest rated presentations are not from vendors, and they are not from VMware engineers.  They are from the community!  Find your local VMUG and volunteer to do a presentation.  If you don’t know where your local VMUG is, let me know and I will find out for you, and introduce you to your local leadership team myself!
  • If you can get to Minneapolis on June 12th, and you haven’t presented at our UserCon before, I will cover up to $400 of your hotel or airfare expenses to get you here to present! (those of you who have presented before, you’ll probably be hearing from me too)
  • Now that you have a great blog, and are willing to show what you know by presenting at a community event, you are ready to apply for VMware vExpert (coming in early 2018).

Now, for the final #Blogtober rankings!  As we have said for the past month, the following bloggers have successfully completed #Blogtober!  I will be adding these blogs to the permanent blogroll on  We will try to come out with a custom blog badge for you proudly display should you desire.  VMUG has also agreed to randomly select three of the bloggers that have completed Blogtober!  The announcement is at the bottom of this post, for added drama!

Without further ado, these bloggers have completed Blogtober!

An honorable mention goes to these bloggers that posted three or more times!  Great job, everyone.

Others that posted at least one blog during Blogtober include:

Many of you have asked, will there be a Blogtober Tech Edition 2018?  Let’s leave it up to the magic 8 ball.

Now… (drumroll please)… here are the winners of the 3 – $100 Gift Cards!


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