Crunch Time – 1 Week Remains in Blogtober 2017 Tech Edition

Blogtober 2017, Tech Edition Update:

As many of you know, I have decided we should kick off a #Blogtober campaign for the tech / virtualization community.  The original #Blogtober post is located here.  Signup is currently closed, but feel free to participate in an unofficial capacity by using the #Blogtober hashtag!

Reminder: VMUG has agreed to give away 3 – $100 Gift Cards to Blogtober participants!  To be eligible, simply post 5 blogs in October and we will randomly draw the winners out of those who have accomplished the feat!  Currently, 9 bloggers have qualified for the giveaway.

Here are the #Blogtober Prolific Blogger Standings with approximately one week remaining.  The following bloggers have already posted 5 or more times!

These bloggers are on track to complete their #Blogtober challenge:

These #Blogtober bloggers have posted 2 or fewer times.  Some of the best content I have seen is in this last section, so I know more is to come!

Lastly, we decided to remove all bloggers that had yet to post.  If you consider yourself a master procrastinator, and would like to be re-added, please let me know! 🙂

Don’t forget, VMUG will be awarding the 3 – $100 Gift Cards during the first week of November.  Talk to you soon!



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  2. Matt

    Hey Matt,

    Can you add me back on please ( / @mattallford). Had a full on start of the month but should get 3-4 more posts out in the next few days before end of month (lots of unfinished posts!).

    Cheers, Matt.


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