CloudCred? All-in for #Blogtober!

We are just a bit more than half-way through a fantastic #Blogtober.  I’ve got some more awesome news!  The largest virtualization gaming platform in the world, CloudCred has announced its full support!

For those of you who don’t know about CloudCred (located at, it was created to help “build cloud expertise, establish cloud credentials, and show off cloud computing skills. Players tackle individual tasks, team tasks, or a task series to build their CloudCred score and earn rewards.”

A player earns points towards any of the more than 20 badges on the site by successfully completing tasks associated with that badge. Once he earns the designated amount of points, he is awarded the badge and it will appear on his Profile page.  Noelle Grier, their community manager has offered to encourage any interested #Blogtober bloggers to turn our fantastic posts into CloudCred tasks to help drive viewers to our blogs!

More information is posted here:

CloudCred is a fantastic way to learn more about cloud computing and virtualization as a whole.  I have been doing it for the past 4 years and am proud to say I am a prestige-level 5 having earned over 100,000 points!

CloudCred will award one of 6 Amazon Echo Dots or My Passport Ultra 1TB Hard Drives to randomly selected bloggers who wish to have their posts turned into tasks.  Noell’s e-mail contact information is located in the above link.

Thanks again to CloudCred for supporting #Blogtober!



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  1. Noell L Grier

    Thanks Matt, for the awesome post!


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