Halfway through #Blogtober! Current Blog Standings

Blogtober 2017, Tech Edition Update:

As many of you know, I have decided we should kick off a #Blogtober campaign for the tech / virtualization community.  The original #Blogtober post is located here.  We have a total of 79 bloggers participating!  Signup is currently closed, but feel free to participate in an unofficial capacity by using the #Blogtober hashtag!

Reminder: VMUG has agreed to give away 3 – $100 Gift Cards to Blogtober participants!  To be eligible, simply post 5 blogs in October and we will randomly draw the winners out of those who have accomplished the feat!  Currently, 9 bloggers have qualified for the giveaway.

Here are the Week Two (a.k.a. Halfway Home) Prolific Blogger Standings!  As of October 16th, these bloggers have posted 2 or more blogs in the month of October.  Fantastic job, everyone!

All in all, bloggers have posted 192 times.  Excellent job! The below participants have posted fewer than 2 blogs in October. They are ranked in the order they signed up for Blogtober.  It is only halfway through the month, so don’t forget to keep an eye on these bloggers too!


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