Blogtober – Tech Edition

This is an exciting time of year.  VMworld US has come to an end, and the focus is about to shift to VMworld Europe.  Before long, Systems Engineers around the world are going to start taking what they have learned and applying them to their jobs.  With all the fantastic new subject matter the industry has thrust upon us, what better time to dust off the old Smith Corona (or laptop) and kick out some community content?

I have decided we should kick off a #Blogtober campaign for the tech / virtualization community.  Why am I doing this?  Three reasons:

  • I can’t tell you how many folks are interested in increasing their visibility in the community.  Many indicated they WANTED to blog, but just needed a bit of a push to do it.
  • As I said, this time of year is like Christmas for techs.  There are many industry conferences occurring, and what better time to blog about what you have learned?
  • vExpert 2017 – I maintain that the VMware vExpert award winners are fantastic producers of content.  Most vExperts started small, whether it be presenting at their first VMUG, standing up their first blog, or simply starting a conversation at a local meetup like vBeers.  These folks were not vExperts when they started out, and giving the future producers of vCommunity content a reason to start producing, will only help us all!

Anyway, here is what I would like to do:

  • is now a thing.  It is a link to this blog post.
  • If you would like to participate in Blogtober, feel free to comment on this post, with a link to your blog!  I will try to compile a list of blogs in a more consumable format, below.
  • Participating in Blogtober means you commit to creating 5 blog posts during the month of October!
  • UPDATE! VMUG has agreed to give away 3 – $100 Gift Cards to Blogtober participants!  To be eligible, simply post 5 – 400+ word blogs in October and we will randomly draw the winners out of those who have accomplished the feat! More information here.

Here is an early list of bloggers that are in for #Blogtober.  Please note, some of these folks are getting back to blogging or starting new blogs!  If there isn’t a ton of content, they have pledged there will be come October!

Who’s next??  As I said, shoot a comment in at the bottom and you will be added to the blogroll.

OctoberBlogtober is only a few weeks away, so start working on your content.  I know I will!



  1. Eric Allione

    Hello, this is @vNetworking. I pulled most all of my blog content on for being outdated so it is extremely empty right now. I commit to 5+ posts during October. It is a forum that I use as a “blog” platform.

    1. matt (Post author)

      Welcome, Eric! I’ll get your site on the blogroll.

  2. Jeremy Ey (@kayakerscout)

    This is great! Count me in for Blogtober, I should have a couple of new posts this week and then I’ll start planning some Blogtober posts. Additionally, thanks for organizing this.

    1. matt (Post author)

      You bet. Thanks, Jeremy!

  3. Colin Westwater

    I will participate –

    I have an idea on a series, so this will make me write it up.

    1. matt (Post author)

      Thanks, Colin!

  4. Aaron Strong

    I’m down with Blogtober! Do the 5 articles have to be VMware focused only?

    1. matt (Post author)

      They can be VMware / virtualization-based, but making sure it is a technical blog is the only real suggestion!

  5. Venkatesh Sekar

    I am in 🙂

  6. Nick Carbone

    I’m in!

  7. matt (Post author)

    Welcome, Aaron, Venkatesh and Nick!

  8. Chestin Hay

    I’m game for this!

    1. matt (Post author)

      Done. Thanks, Chestin!

  9. Richard Arnold

    Lets do this!


    1. matt (Post author)

      Thanks, Richard!

  10. Scott Driver

    You the man Matt! I’m excited to be participating!

    1. matt (Post author)

      Rock on. Thanks, Scott!

  11. Stephen Owens

    New to blogging here, and just now getting started in the community. This is a great opportunity for me to grow! I’m in.

    1. matt (Post author)

      Welcome, Stephen!

  12. Ray Olander

    Hi Matt! In the past I’ve only been able to muster a blog posting here and there. This challenge is the perfect inspiration for me to work on being more active with my writing. As always, thanks for your continuous efforts to support and empower the community!

  13. Rebecca

    Count me in.

  14. Ian Noble

    looking forward to meeting you #blogtober

  15. Chad Roth

    New to blogging as well and realizing the importance of community more and more each day!
    I’m hearing the Captain Planet intro in my head all of a sudden. “The Power of vCommunity combined…”


  16. Mike Chouinard

    It took me a week to settle on a name and buy a domain… I guess now I have to actually populate it with content!

  17. Abdullah Abdullah
  18. Dee Abson

    +1 for #Blogtober. It’ll be a great warm-up for #vdm30in30 in November!

    Canadian bloggers remember that you can use your (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend to crank out some post-age! // @deeabson

  19. Tim Smith

    Matt – add me to the list as well. Tim Smith -

  20. Jason Davidson

    Great call Matt! Please count me in – Brand new blog just setup (zero content): @jasonbdavidson

  21. Jon Hildebrand

    I commented on Twitter, but I guess I’ll make it official. Feel free to add me to the list. @snoopj123 on Twitter; for the blog.

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  23. Tim

    I’m in! @ALDTD

  24. Azarya

    Count me in Matt.

  25. Craig Dalrymple

    Like the sound of this can I be added to the list please

  26. Michael Cade

    Count me in as I start the packing for NetApp Insight with posts in the chamber ready to go out next week and a ton of ideas on some new content.


  27. Jorge

    Hi, I’m in as well:
    @jorgedlcruz //

    Just in September I’ve published 14 articles, so 5 seems reasonable easy to achieve 🙂


  28. Ian

    Sign me up 🙂


  29. Mwpreston

    Totally in


  30. Nick Korte

    I want in!


  31. Scott Driver

    It was the first of #blogtober and all through the house, geeks were typing in their basements to get their first blog post out.

    Some reflections on public speaking.

  32. Graham

    Why not?


  33. Lukas Winn

    Sign me up! 😀

    Still got some VMworld Europe content to complete!
    5 posts in October…consider it done!

  34. Ariel – add me please 🙂

  35. Joe Houghes

    I’ll join in as a newbie, blog is empty, so 5 posts in October is a good start.

  36. Aresh Sarkari

    I pledge to 5 post 5in October

  37. Lino Telera

    Hi this is @linotelera (Lino Telera) from My posts are focused on virtualization, cloud and devops with some how-to… Thanks

  38. Manfred Hofer

    Count me in. Have not much time but I love challenges 🙂

  39. Ed Morgan

    Oy, just saw this. Reckon I can get involved.

  40. Nathan Oldfield

    Just what I need.


  41. Sujith Surendran

    I am in


  42. Wences Michel

    Great idea! Sign me up!


    Wences Michel

  43. Matt Crape

    I’m a little late to the game, but I’ll toss my hat in 🙂

  44. Natasha

    I would surely be interested as well. I m late by 3 days but hoping to chip in.

  45. Dan Frith

    Count me in –


  46. Pascal van de Bor

    I can do that Blogtober, i think… we will see ;). Sign me up at

  47. Manish Jha

    Hello Folks. I will be glad to be part of this program. I am author of and I blog regularly.

    In the month of spetember I published 19 posts and this month I have published 2 posts as of now. Many more will come as blogging is like having water for me (can’t live without it)

  48. Andrew Mauro
  49. Cody De Arkland

    Is it too late to sign up? Can’t believe I missed this somehow!

    Got a ton of content planned this month!

  50. Andreas

    Ok, I will give it a try… count me in for this event

  51. Frank van Egmond

    Been working on coming back to the blogosphere. Blogtober sounds the month to do so. Count me in as well!

  52. Matt Allford

    Count me in if there is room!


  53. Ryan S

    I’m definitely interested as well!

  54. Paul Arquette

    I have a blog and don’t use it near as often as I would like to. I’ll give this a shot.


  55. Raff Poltronieri



    This is great. I want to participate as well. I am not sure if I am already late on my comment here.

  57. Doug DeFrank

    Sounds like a great idea to me! I’m a little late to the game, but I think I can crank out five posts before the end of the month.

    My blog is at and I’m on Twitter as well — @dougdefrank

    Good luck, everyone!

  58. Luigi "NerdBlurt" Danakos

    Add to the list and my twitter is @NerdBlurt

  59. greg schulz

    Add to the list and my twitter is @StorageIO thanks

  60. Christopher Lewis

    Count me in @thecloudxpert (twitter) on – i’ll try and add some content 🙂

  61. Robert Napiza

    a little late here, but count me in

    Twitter: @robnapiza

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  66. Peter van de Bree

    This is great! Count me in for Blogtober, . I have a couple of new posts this week and be starting and planning some Blogtober posts.
    Thanks for organizing this.

  67. Ken Nalbone

    I don’t think I was added originally, but I have one post up already.


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