EUC Explore 2017 – Boston Recap


It’s been over a month and I wanted to update my blog as to how the VMUG EUC Explore events are going!

June 1st was the first of four EUC Explore events put on by VMUG in 2017.  The summer Boston UserCon was expanded to include a slew of EUC breakouts including hands-on-labs and a keynote from Shawn Bass.

There will be two “UserCon featuring EUC Explore” events this year in Boston and Atlanta, as well as two full-blown EUC Explore events in New York City (my next post), and Minneapolis (the original city that started EUC Explore a.k.a. EUC Day.


Boston VMUG leadership was extremely gracious and well organized.  Leaders Steve Athanas (@steveathanas), James Mueller (@jamesmuellerIT) and Steering Committee member / Amazing Videographer Matt Bradford (@VMSpot) put on another fantastic event.  Also pictured above were VMUG staff Danielle Ford (@vmugDanielle), Madison Soave (@madison_soave) ,and Jackie Huser (@jackiehuser).

Many fantastic UserCon keynotes and breakouts were had, but I will focus on those in the EUC space, here.  VMware CTO for End-User Computing Shawn Bass (@shawnbass) provided a lunchtime keynote for attendees covering all things VMware EUC (pictured below), including a new integration with Horizon and Skype for Business.



Simon LeComte was on hand to lead a Horizon hands-on-lab.  As you can see, there was a waiting list.bos3

Current EUC Champion Rebecca Fitzhugh (@rebeccafitzhugh) from Rubrik presented a couple breakout sessions including this one on leadership.  Chris Williams (@mistwire), leader of the New England VTUG is a big fan of this slide!


I had a blast talking Home Labs and Horizon 7 on VSAN.


Former EUC Champion and VMware Technical Marketing / PowerCLI guru Kyle Ruddy (@kmruddy) packed the house with some #Migrate2VCSA love.


At the end of the event, Steve Athanas, Phoummala Schmit (@phoummalaschmit), Kyle Ruddy, Rebecca Fitzhugh and Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier) hung out with beer / wine in hand, and talked about professional development and more.


This was the first event of several, and was a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to expand their EUC knowledge.  There will be more events coming after VMworld. Here is a link for more information.  We hope to see you in either Minneapolis on September 29th, or Atlanta on October 19th.  We hope to have another event in the west region sometime in Q4 (more to come on that!).


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