VMUG Leaders: Turn a Raspberry Pi 3 into a VMUG Registration Station!

Well, it’s September, and another VMworld is in the books.  If you are a VMware vExpert, you no doubt perused the Solutions Exchange for a few nice “thank you’s” (a.k.a. giveaways) from some of the vendors.

One of the best vExpert giveaways was the custom Raspberry Pi and case from Datrium.

Many VMUG leaders have discussed what the best use-case might be for these Raspberry Pi 3’s.  Several I have talked to are looking at turning it into a VMUG meeting registration station.  In Minneapolis and North Central Wisconsin, we have been using a Raspberry Pi 2 for a registration station for the past year.  Huge thanks goes to Patrick Stasko (@patrickstasko) from Cleveland VMUG, the developer of the application.  Go to https://github.com/tkrn/pivmugc for more information on the app.  The application integrates with a Dymo Labelwriter so VMUG attendees can print off a label and avoid the awkward “My name is…” introduction.  Everyone knows most IT folks are introverts!  The application also allows leadership to download an attendee roster to aid in prize giveaways, and sending attendee reports to VMUG.

I recently upgraded my registration station to a Pi3 and was shocked at the ease of the new deployment process.  Therefore, I have posted to Minneapolis’ YouTube channel, “Turning a Raspberry Pi 3 into a VMUG Meeting Registration Station in 30 minutes”.  It was a single take video without a cameraperson, so be warned!

Hopefully, it will help those of you interested in taking your VMUG meeting to the next level!


PS:  The video shows how to get it deployed, but not customized.  That will be in episode 2!




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