EUC Day 2016 in the books, breakout videos posted!

Many of you know the Minneapolis VMUG hosted the first ever VMUG EUC Day in March.  It was a thrilling event and we had a blast bringing in so many great speakers.

We have posted all videos on our YouTube channel at  At the bottom of this article, I have a compilation of all 21 breakout session links, along with the titles.

Last summer, I was brainstorming on how to attract a larger audience to another VMUG of mine (North Central Wisconsin VMware User Group).  I came up with the concept of a “Super VMUG”.  Eau Claire, Wisconsin wasn’t big enough to host a VMUG UserCon, so we needed to do something on our own.  Instead of having a single track quarterly VMUG, I decided to try out a larger event with 12 breakout sessions in three tracks.

The event was very successful.  We ended up increasing attendance by 250% over our previous quarterly meetings with almost 100 attendees.  That is when I thought about bringing this sort of event to the other VMUG that I co-lead, Minneapolis, MN.  A Super VMUG wouldn’t work as well in Minneapolis because we already had a UserCon.  Instead, I decided to focus on a specific business unit.  Since much of my professional focus is within End User Computing, I decided to try to create the largest EUC VMUG event, ever.

I had several goals for EUC Day.  My number one goal was to provide content that one could only get at a conference like VMworld since many of our VMUG members don’t have an opportunity to attend.  In order to attract this sort of content, I needed to get a big name for a keynote.  Shawn Bass provided a keynote at the 2015 Wisconsin UserCon and did a phenomenal job.  I knew if we got Shawn, other big names would follow.  Several heavy hitters including Ken Ringdahl, Jase McCarty and Jim Yanik presented at EUC Day.

In terms of attendees, I had a goal of 150.  I truly had no idea whether or not we could get that many users to come to EUC Day.  I came up with 150 due to the fact that we got 450 at our UserCon in 2015, and I estimated 1/3rd of the attendees had an interest in EUC.  We ended up with 250 registered attendees, and 195 that walked in the door.

I also had a goal to attract enough EUC-focused vendors to help pay for the event.  I chose a sponsorship price-point that was attractive for the vendor, but enough to be able to do the things we wanted to do for our attendees (attractive signage, printed lanyards, great prizes, a nice reception, and an event that would make them want to come back again).  I also wanted these vendors to bring the best-of-the-best to present at the event.  We were not disappointed.  All in all, attendees and speakers from 18 states came to EUC Day.

My last goal was to create an event that could be reproduced world-wide.  We paid the facility $1100 to record all of our sessions so we can post them online (links below).

Right before we kicked off the event, I took a moment to see how everything came together.  It was very satisfying.  Normandale Community College did a great job with the event.  The help we got from VMware, VMUG (especially Carly Stinson!), and of course my co-leaders (Rick Schlander and Roger Lund), were instrumental in the success of EUC Day.  The feedback we have received from not only attendees, but from the vendor sponsors has been extremely positive.

Here are the session recordings on YouTube.

Welcome to EUC Day 2016 / Fun Facts – Matt Heldstab, Minneapolis VMUG Leader

Keynote Presentation: “What’s New in Horizon 7 and Workspace ONE?” by Shawn Bass, CTO for End-User Computing, VMware

General Session: “Introducing Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode with Instant Clone Technology” by Ken Ringdahl, Chief Architect for Desktop Products and Horizon, VMware.

Tintri: “VDI – Not your Father’s Virtualization” by Kristopher Boyd, EUC Architect from Tintri

Liquidware Labs: “Is VDI a ‘Very Distracting Idea?'” by Tyler Rohrer, Co-Founder of Liquidware Labs and Gerard Strouth, Systems Administrator from Southeast Technical Institute

Open Systems Technologies: “Healthcare and GPU Design” by Allen Derusha, Systems Engineer from Open Systems Technologies

VMware: “Beyond the Marketing: VMware App Volumes 3.0 Technical Overview” by Jim Yanik, EUC Architect from VMware

Community Session: “Design Fundamentals: Building a Solid Foundation for your EUC environment” by Sean Massey, Data Center Engineer and WI VMUG Steering Committee Member

VMware: “Horizon Air Hybrid Mode Deep Dive: Unified Management of Desktops and Applications” by Ken Ringdahl, Chief Architect VMware Desktop Products and Horizon

VMware: “Recommendations for Virtual SAN with Horizon View, and why it is the best storage for it” by Jase McCarty, Technical Marketing Architect from VMware

SimpliVity: “VDI on Hyperconverged: Think You’ve Heard This Story Before?” by Jason Shiplett, Principal Solutions Engineer at SimpliVity

Solidfire: “EUC Storytime: The Hermit, the Database, and the Mixed Workload” by Mike Colson, EUC Solutions Architect at Solidfire

AppSense: “End User Management: Secure AND Productive By Design” by Justin Thurlow, AppSense

VMware: “Horizon 7: Instant Clones – Architecture Overview” by Jim Yanik, EUC Architect from VMware

Community Session: “Improving the Admin’s Toolbox with PowerCLI for View” by Kyle Ruddy, Senior Technical Consultant and Indianapolis VMUG Leader

VMware: “Horizon and NSX. Micro-segmentation in an Enterprise Environment” by Bryan Salek, NSX Specialist, VMware

VMware: “vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Applications” by Jerrid Cunniff, EUC Systems Engineer from VMware

Unidesk: “Layering: The better way to manage your Windows Apps and Images” by Greg Duescher, Solution Architect from Unidesk, and Jeremy Ey, Systems Administrator from Tennessee Tech University

Community Session: “Supporting your VDI Solution: How to get buy-in and operational support from other teams in your IT organization” by Matt Heldstab, Systems Administrator and Minneapolis / North Central Wisconsin VMUG Leader, and Nigel Hickey, Systems Engineer and Houston VMUG Leader

VMware: “Overview of Workspace One and AirWatch” by Scot Curry, AirWatch SE from VMware

Pernix Data: “Five Years of Failed VDI Deployments” by Josh Spencer, Systems Engineer from Pernix Data

Ask the EUC Experts Forum with Shawn Bass, Ken Ringdahl, Jim Yanik, Josh Spencer, Tyler Rohrer, Jason Shiplett, Mike Colson, Sean Massey, Nigel Hickey and Matt Heldstab.


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