Windows Telemetry is stealing my resources!

Periodically, it is a good idea to slow down, and do some proactive work in making sure your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is running the way it should.  One thing I like doing is leveraging a tool to help out.  When an application is misbehaving, it is sometimes tough to know about it, especially if it is only consuming a small amount of resources on a large number of desktops.

The other day, I was doing a bit of poking around using our User Experience tool called Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX.  This is something we like to do after a round of Windows Updates (time permitting, of course).  A great way to see how your environment and the applications that are installed are behaving, is to use the tool to look at your highest workload scores.  I found something quite alarming.  It seems there were a few non-critical updates that had been installed in one of our pools.  They had enabled Windows Telemetry (a tool that provides feedback to Microsoft regarding their Customer Experience Improvement Program, Application Experience, and other Diagnostics).

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As you can see, this time things were a bit different.  A small amount of systems were using a large amount of resources when compared to other consumers over the 1 hour period above.  We can now decide whether or not the removal of these telemetry updates will be a part of our next round of updates in April, or if we will be stripping out telemetry before that.  Stratusphere UX also lets us keep an eye on how Windows Telemetry is impacting us so we can make an informed decision.

The simple fact that we were able to use this tool to find a flaw in one of our virtual desktop parent images will be resulting in us adding Stratusphere UX to our post-update task list.


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  1. Kevin Cooke

    Really awesome use case. And a prime example of why having visibility to all users, all machines, and all application –all of the time– is important! Thanks for sharing.


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