Redirecting VCSA updater to local repo to patch to 5.5.0c instead of 5.5U1a

We finally got around to updating our vCenter Server Appliance from version 5.5.0b to 5.5.0c.  One interesting item is how the VCSA’s default online update link to VMware’s update repository wants to update your VCSA to version 5.5.1a.  We have decided to hold off on updating anything to vSphere 5.5. Update 1 until the issues with NFS disconnects are addressed.  Updating vCenter to 5.5U1 probably wouldn’t cause an issue, but for consistency sake, 5.5.0c keeps our hosts and vCenter on the same track.

After some searching (and a few attempts at guessing the proper location), we were unable to locate the proper URL to redirect our VCSA updater, on VMware’s update site.

Here is what we ended up doing to get our VCSA updated, using a CentOS / Apache system in our datacenter.

First, we downloaded from VMware’s download site.  On the apache server, we created a folder under /var/www/html called vapp-updates, SCP’ed the .zip file there and extracted contents.  Two folders “manifest” and “package-pool” and a slew of files were dumped onto our apache server.

Lastly, we logged back into our VCSA appliance using the root login and redirected to our local apache server.  Clicking on the Update tab, the settings radio button, and “Use Specified Repository”, enter the URL of the apache server up to the folder which you extracted the .zip file.  You do not need to type either the manifest or package-pool folder, but the folder they are in.

Below you see how the update tab originally was pointed to Build 1750781 (5.5U1a).  After the redirect, it is properly pointing to Build 1750593 (5.5.0c).



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