Are we ready for the “Software-Defined Datacenter?”

Having attended VMworld the past two years, the term “Software-Defined Datacenter” has been a common theme from VMware.  My question is, are we all ready for it?  In order to be ready for it, there are a lot of different IT sub-groups that need to buy in to the idea.

I still remember back in 2006 when I was introduced to the idea of moving a workload encapsulated within a virtual machine, from one x86 server to another.  The idea was somewhat novel at the time and honestly, quite a bit scary for management.  Now, VMotion is so “old-hat” that management doesn’t even mind if a vSphere cluster is set to leverage Fully Automated DRS.  It isn’t about which server the VM is on, it’s about which pool of compute it is on.

Fast forward to 2012 and now 2013.  The announcement of NSX and VSAN are game changers.  Many think VMware is stealing datacenter responsibilities on the network stack, and handing them to virtual infrastructure administrators.  What is actually happening is a a paradigm shift that will result in an even larger responsibility being placed on these groups that feel they are being slighted.

VMware – Networking and Security video – Click the video to launch on YouTube.


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