Not only will we build you the website of your dreams, we will also help you keep it up to date. We do business with people that prefer to update their pages on their own, as well as people who send us the changes that are to be made.

When Twin Cities Web Design builds a website for you, there is a Site Support package which will allow you to contact us for various edits/updates for a low price. See chart below.

2014 Pricing
Single edit / update $40 per half hour $40 each
5 pack edit / updates $160 per package $32.50 each
10 pack edit / updates $275 per package $27.50 each
15 pack edit / updates $375 per package $25 each






These updates are organized in half-hour increments. The default rate is $40 per half hour, but if you prepay with a package, you can get a bulk rate. Most changes are easily done in a half-hour. When you purchase a package, feel free to use the instances up right away, or hold on to them for the next two years.

Depending on how you would like your site kept up, we have the package for you!